Here are some cool anti-Bush campaign bumper stickers. I’m staunchly anti-Bush, so if you’re pro-Bush, you might want to skip on to the next blog entry. If you continue to read this and get pissed, tough noogies.

CELIBACY 2004: No Bush, No Dick

Republicans for Voldemort

CTHULU IN 2004: Why settle for the lesser of two evils?

A worker who votes for Bush is like a chicken who votes for Colonel Sanders.

No CARB Diet 2004:


Re-defeat Bush in 2004

Buck Fush

Keep Texas Green – Send a Bush Home

There’s a Village in Texas that’s Missing Its Idiot

Why Change Horsemen in Mid-Apocalypse? Bush/Cheney ’04

George W. Bush is a Muggle

America needs to G.R.O.W.: Get Rid Of W

I can’t stomach Bush – I can’t even spleen him

Different Bush, same Bu–sh–.

November 2004: The Correction of an Error

Eliminate WMD: W Making Decisions

Beware a President who says “I Feel Good” on the Eve of War