So, I took a purity exam. Big deal. I figured if I had the temerity to take one, I could at least post my results. Besides, it more or less gets me off the hook for having a real post this week.

Oh, eat me.

Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is…
Your Score: Average For All Users Average For All Straight Moderate Married Light Brown 30 to 36-Year old Males
(1 total)
Dating 26.92% 32.57% 26.92% Dated seriously
Self-Lovin’ 34.85% 59.98% 34.85% When I think about you – or anyone – I touch myself
Shamelessness 79.03% 77.67% 79.03% Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive 71.43% 75.26% 71.43% A fool for love, but not always
Straightness 16.67% 37.37% 16.67% Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 100.00% 77.89% 100% Repressed, are we?
Dominant 73.33% 86.41% 73.33% Not afraid to tie the knot
Submissive 90.48% 86.73% 90.48% Submits to no one… almost
Fucking Sick 85.71% 89.57% 85.71% Refreshingly normal
Total Score 68.06% 73.26% 68.06%
Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)