Howdy, folks. My apologies for the long period of time since my last posts, but I’ve been busy. Between work, home life, and band stuff, I’ve developed a pretty intense case of writer’s block. As most bloggers do, I’ve got a couple of stories sitting on standby, but so far I’ve been underwhelmed by them, and I haven’t been inspired to complete them. Therefore (I love using “therefore” instead of “so”. It’s so pretentious. I mean, it’s therefore pretentious. Wait.), I’m going to make the unprecedented move of letting YOU choose my next tale. That’s right, you can pick what I’ll write about next. However, I know that if I leave it open, you jackals will pick any and everything under the damn sun, and my already-present anxiety will grow faster than my ego when I’m on stage.

So here’s the deal: I’m giving you a list, and you can vote on it via comment. If I get no votes, I will make it my mission in life to write about how much you all suck, and make lists of all the vile acts I wish would happen to you, starting with listening to Oingo Boingo’s greatest hit (singular) on repeat. Here goes…

I could write about:
A) My band’s gig on last Friday (it rocked)

B) My worst drunk ever
C) The one time I went hiking (it ended in a double charlie horse)

D) My rafting adventures

Holla back, folks.