…Or more like 9:08 to 4:57, in my case. I FINALLY have a job after getting laid off in November! And since I didn’t tell you where I worked before, don’t expect me to be all Mr. Tellyoushit now – I do need to keep SOME things to myself. But instead of Italy, I may get to go to China, which I can certainly deal with. So, yay me. I’m gainfully employed again. Plus, I still get my severance package from my last job (which, since I no longer work there, I can say was Cisco Systems), meaning there’s gonna be a few new toys in Damian’s toybox real soon. Hello, iPod!

I start on the 16th, meaning I have another week of “The Rockford Files”. I am so very addicted to that show. I might have to start recording it. Quit laughing, I’m serious!

Oh God, I need to start today. Right now.