I started this list in July, but due to my ADD and general procrastinating nature, I didn’t continue it, so here goes. And Laurie…hush.

26. Since becoming unemployed, I’ve become addicted to “The Rockford Files”.
27. When I was in high school and early college, I sported the classic Kid-N-Play high top fade.
28. I later put a relaxer in my hair to make is soft and wavy, and I grew bangs. It was hideous.
29. My college nickname was “Butterbean” due to a drunken argument over the difference between lima beans and butterbeans. I lost.
30. I was once diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, but now I’m all good.
31. My fear of snakes is only rivaled by my fear of snakes.
32. I cried when I watched “The Last Samurai”, but I hid that shit by sneezing.
33. The History Channel is like crack to me.
34. I’m Sagittarius, and I act just like one.
35. At my last job, employees got free bottled water and sodas, and nearly every day I came home loaded down. They never said WHERE I had to drink them.
36. I’m 34 years old, and I still play my Playstation 2 – often.
37. Although I’m black, I play basketball like a one-legged antelope high on mescaline.
38. Most of my female friends are lesbians. I’ve been called a Lesbian Magnet, since there’s no real equivalent term for “fag hag”.
39. I’m going to lose 40 pounds this year. For real.
40. Although I’m very outgoing and sometimes witty, I’m pretty self-conscious in unfamiliar social settings.
41. I’m left-handed, but only when I eat, write, or brush my teeth.
42. I’m a slum lord – I own a house in SC and a house here in TX, and I rent them both out.
43. And I once owned a condo that I subsequently sold to a guy who sells porn out of a warehouse in Columbia, SC.
44. I have seen a UFO. Or maybe it was ball lightning. Either way, it freaked me the fuck out.
45. I have read every book about “Dune” that has ever been written.
46. In fact, I’m a total book whore, and I’ll read anything.
47. I will DESTROY you in a game of ping-pong. And I won’t feel bad about it, either.
48. I am almost exactly 6 feet tall.
49. I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing basketball in ’01. I don’t recommend it.
50. I have almost drowned 4 separate times. I can now swim about as well as lead-weighted, blind dolphin with a fear of water.

OK. There’s 25 more. If I come up with others…I’ll procrastinate until pressured to publish. Same as always!