Anyone notice anything…unusual about the pics below? Look carefully. The first picture is a screen shot of Hot Dr’s Wife’s blog, “Green Apple Martini’s”.

The next one is a blog set up by a scandalous hooker who somehow mysteriously got the EXACT SAME TEMPLATE for her blog. A template, mind you, that was custom-made and paid for. Hers is called “Chocolate Martini’s, With E!“. Very, very interesting.

Now, I don’t wanna call anyone a thief or anything. That would be rude, and maybe even slanderous. Or libelous. Or true. But let’s examine the evidence.

  1. HDW’s blog template was custom-made, specifically for her with her input and her choices included.
  2. Sistagirl’s blog looks eerily similar.
  3. HDW’s blog was up and running first.
  4. They both have a the same sidebars, though Sistagirl’s blog mentions nothing about being a wife of a doctor.
  5. Both have a post entitled “Go Broncos”, but only HDW’s post is actually ABOUT football at all.
  6. No one mixes brown and green unless they’re stealing shit.

Come on, Sistagirl. Get your own shit. Be original. I bet, if you had asked, HDW might’ve hooked you up. We might’ve all chipped in, paid the small fee, and gotten you a nice Suge Knight or R. Kelly background for your blog. We’re nice people. It could happen. In the meantime, cease and desist. Laurie has a history of shanking people blog-wise, and I hear it stings. I’m just sayin’.

EDIT: The site is gone now. I guess the pressure got to be too much. Let’s hope she’s ok, and not drowning her sorrows in a double chocolate milkshake or quaaludes or something.