Hello, all. Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I’ve been super busy working on about a zillion other things, and I just couldn’t squeeze in any time to make your days go by faster by updating my marvelous bloggy-blog. A few of you know about the one big thing I’ve been working on, and I’ll reveal it to all of you sometime in the near future.

I have done one thing relating to the blog. I finally registered a domain name. Now, when you pimp my blog to all your friends (which you should be doing daily, dammit), you can just send them to (drum roll, please):


Yeah, baby. I’m major now. Got my own dot com. Fear me!

I’ll hit you all tomorrow with a news posting, since I didn’t do that last week. Here’s one thing I can ask, though.

Can someone tell me why a married black couple, over the age of 30, with two small children, who aren’t in the NBA or NFL or Def Jam or Island Records or any other sports or media-related field, need to have SPINNING RIMS on their very nice Escalade? Especially in the tiny town I live in here in Texas? My son, 6YO, said to me today “Hey Daddy, those are the wheels that go round and round and round and round when you stop.” I thought he was bullshittin’. He wasn’t. There’s only, like, 6 or 7 black families in the entire village, and they’re rolling out like Snoop Dogg. Their kids, two beautiful little girls, are about 7 and 3 each, go to my sons’ school and daycare, respectively, so I see them all often. And everyday at daycare, the mom pulls up in the Esco, chromed out, tinted up, BLASTING some gangsta rap. We’re talking E-40, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Li’l Kim, Li’l Jon, Li’l Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Paul Wall, NWA, Ice Cube….true gangsta rap. Shit even I don’t listen to, unless I’m mad at white people about something. These girls roll out of the car listening to this every. single. day.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t listen to questionable stuff. I have a Sirius satellite radio in both cars, and I listen to Howard Stern and a host of other stuff I wouldn’t want my mom to know about. But I DON’T DO IT WHEN MY KIDS ARE IN THE CAR!!! This is Parenting 102 – How Not To Raise A Thug, Criminal, Ghetto Hoe, or Crackhead. I think they skipped that course. Somebody’s gonna be a 42 year old grandmother. You watch. And I ain’t babysittin’.