Milestone, baby! This is officially my 100th post on my blog. When I started this thing, I figured it would be a repository for the handful of stories I’ve told over and over in my life, and it has evolved to being….a repository for stories I’ve told and adventures I’ve had since. The cool thing is, I’ve met great people and made friends who I would not have, otherwise. And my writing has gotten stronger, I believe, and more focused (ADD notwithstanding). Or not. Either way, I hit 100, and I never really thought I’d get that far with it. And you bitches are along for the ride.

Shockingly, I have nothing much to say on this post. A couple of cool things have happened, though:

– I found out that I’ll likely be going to China in late May/early June for work stuff. Based on my Italy trip, I’m sure it’ll be a blog-worthy experience. ni-GAH!

– A good friend came to town this weekend, and I had a wonderful time hanging out. Nothing like beer, barbecue, and good conversation to make the good times roll. Word.

-I had a very weird experience last night. I went out with my bandmates to support a friend-band who was playing at a local bar. I was the 1st of my crew to arrive, and as I was standing there rocking out, I got a tap on the shoulder from a blonde woman behind me. She said “Are you with Nonetheless?” Now, long-time readers know that Nonetheless is the band I’m in. For me to be actually recognized was a heady experience. And by “heady” I mean I got into full-blown Rock Star mode, all puffing out my chest, grooming the ol’ eyebrows. You know. I was feelin’ myself. Then she said “Yeah, I recognized you from my boyfriend’s band page.” Big head deflated. I could almost hear the air coming out, with the same sound that comes from a balloon when you pull the sides of the opening apart. You know, that same sound that would annoy the shit out of your parents when you….you get the drift. It was still cool, though.

I’ll holla at y’all when I have more to say.