Picture time! I’ve got nothing better to write about, so I’m slinging some pics up for your amusement. These were all done over the weekend, a weekend that included a gig at Club Clearview Friday night (which utterly rocked), and a visit to a park yesterday.

Nonetheless band photo. From the left: Gordie, me, Jmart, Trip, and Rowdy. Rock stars!

Me onstage Friday night, along with Gordie and Jmart. Unseen are Rowdy (behind the drums) and Trip (off-camera to the right). Hottest stage ON EARTH. I swear I saw a gila monster with a snowcone up there, it was so damn hot.

Jmart, just before he took off his shirt, which happens about halfway through the first song. Every time.

Dottie and Trip, chillin’.

Dottie and me, pre-show. The D.O.T. is one of our biggest supporters. Check the t-shirt.

Gordie and Jmart, after a few beers and cheers.

Ooooooh, I’m thuggin’! This is how I get down at a show, baby.

Rowdy, showing her stuff. See how she’s rocking the band t-shirt? You should buy one, too. Yes, YOU!

Sweet, sweet Newcastle Brown Ale. It HAD to be brown. And it had to be cold, after losing about 4 pounds in sweat onstage.

At the park with DWW, 6YO, and 3YO yesterday. In a paddleboat, no less. And y’all know black people can’t swim. That’s DWW in the background, which is as much of her as you’ll ever see. She’s shy like that.

6YO, just hangin’ around. He does this at home too, only he uses the ceiling fans.

3YO, performing a test to see if gravity still works. He was successful.