I don’t usually like to talk about my band Nonetheless a whole lot on my blog.

Anyone who reads this regularly knows that the previous statement is as full of shit as a dung beetle at a buffet. I’m ALWAYS pimping the band, because that’s the only way anything will happen for us. Making music is only half the battle for a band, or any musician, really, to make a living at making music. The other, much more odious part is promotion. You can be the best band, singer, songwriter, musician in the world, and no one will know if you don’t go tell or show someone. I figure if I tell you, maybe you’ll check us out, tell a friend, and then…who knows? Maybe we’ll have our music on an iPod commercial or a porno or some other paying sell-out thing. At any rate, I have more pictures from our show Saturday night. It was our first headlining gig, and I have two words for how it went:

Mosh pit.


We have to give a big thank you to Lunch, The Abstract Blueprint, and Subourne for rocking some serious ass and lubing the crowd up nicely for us. Subourne, in particular had everyone in a frenzy with their blistering set of heavy melodic music. At one point, my band had to go sit down because we were expending too much energy during their show, and we needed to save some for our own. Then we took the stage. I mean, we TOOK it. We OWNED that stage. It was our best show ever. Here’s the visual evidence.

Subourne, warming up the crowd by assaulting them musically. We love these guys.

One of the cool things we do during a show is bring out the American flag. This time it was out in the crowd, and it was great to see it waving back and forth while we were playing.

People were all pressed up against the stage. It was incredible. Me being black, you can just barely make me out up there.

Jmart doing what Jmart does – pumping up the crowd.

Rowdy (on drums), Gordie, and Trip. And an arm.

More Jmart. I just noticed that the person’s camera has the wrong date on it. How rude.

I don’t know what I was looking at, but it wasn’t a cold beverage, which is what I WISHED I had.

More me. It’s my blog, after all.

This was just before I let the front row play bass on the song “We Exist”. Ooooh, look at those GUNS!

Just for you, Fyrchk. Jmart, post-show. He knew we blew it up. Even Rowdy in the background knew, though she’s happier about it.

That’s all for now. A big thanks goes out to all who attended. We’re nothing without you.