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Actually, Cynthia McKinney was wrong, and I was gonna do this whole post about how she made all black people look bad, and how she should be happy that her workplace is so secure, and how she really needs a new hairstyle, and how maybe, just maybe, she should’ve had her credentials on her, and how perhaps striking a POLICE OFFICER should have never entered the “Good Idea” area of her brain, and how having Danny Glover and Harry Bellafonte standing next to her during her press conference STILL didn’t make what she did ok, and how absurd it is for her lawyer to say that all capital police should memorize the faces of all 535 members of Congress (nevermind the turnover that happens every 2 years)….

But I figured this comic pretty much says it all. And it’s funnier.

Thanks, Fyrchk.

**EDIT** And thank YOU, HDW. Damn. Happy now, Fyr?