I have borne witness to the single greatest reality show in the history of ever. It is a simple concept, brought forth by a cunning and ingenious array of individuals, starring a cast of unknowns, and helmed by one of the greatest comic actors of our time.

OK, that last part is a major stretch. I get carried away with words sometimes.

The show is “Yo Momma” on MTV, hosted by Wilmer Valderrama, aka Fez from “That ’70s Show”, aka “I Used to Bang Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff and a Multitude of Other Hot Women You’ll Never Have an Ice Cube’s Chance In Hell At Getting”. Basically, he and his crew go from spot to spot in the general Los Angeles area looking for people to verbally throw down on each other, usually in the form of Yo Momma jokes. The contestants are rated on originality, speed, staying on topic, and ‘sting’, meaning how funny the joke is or how close to home it hits. Sometimes the jokes are duds, but more often than not they’re hilarious. And here’s the best part:

For the middle rounds, competitors must allow their opponents to go into each others’ houses to get joke ammunition. Without warning.

One guy’s apartment was covered in dog shit from his 3 or 4 puppies. One guy had this GIGANTIC pair of ladies’ purple thong underwear by his bed, and another guy (who was pretty large) had a pizza box under his bed. The next day at the competition, the MC will make the opponents crack jokes specifically about things they saw or heard at the other person’s crib. You can see the looks on their faces when someone starts busting on their hygiene or eating habits. In the end, it’s all in fun, and everyone shakes hands, and the winner gets $1000 from Wilmer, if he’s not trying to scoop the guy’s girl (like he was in one episode I saw. Hey, she was hot, and he’s Wilmer Valderrama.)

This is my new drug of choice. Check it out for yourselves.