Teachers have it rough.

Sure, they get summers off and many days during the school year, not to mention the so-called “teacher work days”, where you know they’re all sitting in the teacher’s lounge, smoking blunts, listening to Depeche Mode and playing spades while talking cash shit about the students. Aside from that, though, it’s an impossible job. They’re chronically underpaid, disrespected, undermined on both sides by parents and administration, and quite frankly, they have to deal with your bad-ass kids. Long gone are the days when a parent would come to the school after a phone call from the office and go straight to the kid and say “That’s your ass when we get home.” Now, parents get in the teachers’ faces, claiming their kids can do no wrong, and generally acting like the spoiled assholes they turned their kids into. Johnny got a bad grade because Mrs. Smith doesn’t like him, not because Johnny is a dumbass who can’t spell “house” without Hooked on Phonics and a Sesame Streeet DVD. Teacher are also tasked with raising children, because more and more, today’s parents seem unwilling or incapable of performing this basic and most important task.

And teachers have to take it all.

My mother was a teacher for 20 years, and I saw what it did to her. She loved teaching children, but eventually it just wore her down, like the ocean does to a stone on the shore. She was stressed on 3 fronts at all times: the parents, who only contributed by telling her what she was doing wrong; the administration, who placed rule after rule on the staff until they were broken and disgruntled; and the kids themselves, who knew their parents would have their backs if and when they fucked up. She suffered 3 strokes, and her job was considered to be a direct cause of them. She retired, and hasn’t been happier.

But this video below is just….ridiculous.

And you wonder why the kids are out of control. It starts at home, folks. It starts at home.