At 8:00am this morning (6:00am Arizona time), I got a text message from Laurie which stated:

“Does it sting?”

Yeah. I needed THAT first thing, after watching my beloved Mavs fall to the Phoenix Daughters. The Gloatfest began, and I wasn’t having it. 3 freakin’ points, all because Dallas forgot how to play basketball in the final minutes. And of course, Laurie was thoughtful enough to mention me in her blog today, so I thought I’d return the favor. L, it’s just one game. We’re down 0-1. No big deal. The Mavs will adjust and prevail.

In the meantime, I have a RARE photo of the excitement, glee, joy, and general rapture experienced in front of Laurie’s house after the game last night. I’m telling you, these fans were JACKED UP! They could barely contain their enthusiasm.

Less Keystone Light next time, OK? These guys have to drive home.

Game 2 tomorrow night.