Usually, I would be barking loudly about this win. It was a HUGE win for the Mavs (or “us”, as I will refer to them, even though the closest I’ve been to being on the team was watching them play from the nosebleed section, so high up in the stands that I saw a cloud with a bag of popcorn), and a real superstar coming out party for my main man Dirk Nowitzki, who dropped 50 on the Suns. I would be running in place, telling you how great we are, and how much the Suns suck, and how I’m gonna love my glowing blog post from Laurie…

…but I won’t.

I won’t for two reasons:

(1) I didn’t actually SEE the game, ’cause I was at band practice, getting ready for a show on June 10 (if you’re in Dallas, you better be there. That’s all I’m sayin’. No excuses).

(2) It was truly a magnificent game. From everything I saw in the highlights and read online, it was a real classic. Not a heap of bad calls, no flopping, no stupidity, no coaches’ wives fighting spectators in the stands – just good, good basketball.

I can’t hate on that. I’m glad we won, but even if we had lost that game, based on how it was played, I still couldn’t hate. Simply put, last night, we had it, and the Suns didn’t. Game 6 is tomorrow night in Phoenix, and I’m sure the Suns will play desperate, since they’re down 3-2 in the series. It oughta be one hell of a game.