I don’t have too much to say today. Just slide on over to Beauty and the Beer, and you’ll see what’s up.

I warned her.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

Oh, and my Mavs just whupped up on the Heat last night. We held Shaq to 5 points. Total. 5 points. Shaq hasn’t been held to 5 points since he was 18 months old, and only then because the coach took him outta the game for breaking the Fisher-Price basketball goal and causing a ruckus during playtime. For the Mavs to do it is monumental. This is the same team people used to call the Allas Mavericks, ’cause they had no “D”. They got it now, man. For rizzle. We’re up 2-0 now in the series, and unless the Heat pull glitter from the shitter, this’ll be over before the weekend. And who do you know who’ll be all up at the victory parade, sweatin’ like a hoe in church in the 100+ degree heat, celebrating like he won the lottery AND American Idol on the same day?


You know what’s up.