I’ll diatribe tomorrow. I’m in a picture mood today. Enjoy!


And oh, go check us out at www.ntlband.com. Now. And tell your friends that we rock balls and concert halls. Go.

Me and Gordie, rocking out. Funny thing is, as cool and bad-ass as I look in those shades, I couldn’t see a damn thing, and was playing all KINDS of wrong notes. But I look good.

Jmart, before removing his shirt, which usually takes place about 17.4 seconds into the first song of the set. Gordie’s behind him, and I’m back there, arms looking like cannons. Oh yes. I’m rockin’ the arms.


Gordie and Trip, playing a solo or something. Swear, when I’m on stage, I have NO idea what they do over there. After the show, a guy said “What happened to Trip’s guitar?” And I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. My own little world, people. That’s where I live.


“Hey! Sound Guy! This mic STILL isn’t working – HEY! THEY CAN’T HEAR MY MELIFLUOUS VOICE, ASS! Turn me UP! What? Look it up – what am I, Merriam-Webster? Jeez. And LOOK AT THESE ARMS!”



Just for you, Fyrchk. Just for you. Jmart, shirtless and sweaty.


“I guess…you say…what can make me feel this way? Bacon (bacon) BACON! Talkin’ ’bout baaacon….BACON!”