Yep. I’m pimping my band again. How the hell else am I gonna become a rich and famous rock star, unless I inspire brand recognition? Remember Gerardo, the guy who made “Rico Suave”?


So, open up – you’re about to get a mouthful of Nonetheless. Again.

We just recorded two new songs: “2 Far” and “Walking Time Bomb”, and I’d like for you to go check ’em out and show some love.

If you’d like a CD, let me know that, too. CDs are $5 and can be paid for using Paypal.



EDIT: Fine, fine. I realized that in my haste to tell you all about my band’s wonderful music or whatever, I didn’t actually include a link to those of you who are NOT degenerate, and wish to actually purchase a CD, thus supporting starving artists and making D-Damian excrutiatingly happy. If you’re familiar with PayPal, you know that you can simply send money to an email address, so while we work out the kinks in our merchant account, send some funds to, and I’ll make sure you get a CD. $5 each. Some will be autographed, some not, because as much as I love EACH and every ONE of you, we ain’t signing a whole bunch of CDs. We have shit to do. Delivery times will vary, due in part to laziness, procrastination, and a general lack of motivation to go find a post office near my new job. Mad love, though.