Left house for gig at: 4:30pm
Got home from gig at: 4:00am
Quality of show: ass-suckage

But I did record an audioblog, so hey, it ain’t all bad. Click me and hear the DD himself.

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To hell with all y’all if you don’t like my voice. It’s dead sexy.

EDIT: I can’t believe I almost concluded this without showing you this shit right here:

Yeah. That’s me. With a mohawk. This is what happens when you really need a haircut, and you have a gig coming up. And if I didn’t sweat like a ho in church, I would’ve sprayed it blonde or red. Thank God for perspiration, huh? No one should see that. And no one comment on the condition of my house. We just moved, and we’re still trying to fit 2200 sq. ft. worth of crap into a 1400 sq. ft. house. So bite me if you don’t like it. Come clean this bitch for me.