Well, well, well….

Ain’t THIS some shit?????

He wouldn’t listen…..all bowed up….talkin’ some TRASH like a muhfucka. I TOLD you I was good at B&E, BABY! I figured out your little password (bac0nr0cks)….I mean, HELLO? So obvious…..not even funny AND, in addition to your new SWEET ass BANNER, I took it upon myself to add beautiful words of Love and Joy…thoughout this bitch.


Like the banner? I designed it myself!! Go ME!!

Ya’ll can holla at me over on my blog and I will set you up with some serious ART skillz, people. I am not kidding. I mean…just look at it. It’s a masterpiece.


Anyway, I’ve been SUPER busy defending my LOUD MOUTH and what not…I won’t get into it but it’s been a TOTAL drag or whatever. It’s all good though. Bada DING, bitches!!!!!

My first order of business is to add a WHOLE lot of FUNNY to this dreary little fucker. Oh….and the “f” word. Everybody needs a little more “fuck” in their life. Honestly.

I also want to add some ghetto flavor (my specialty!) because LORD knows, Damian is THEE whitest black man in the HISTORY of ever!!!!!!!!! You know people are all GOOGLING “Blogs by Black Men”, it brings them here, and they probably throw up. I mean, honestly. You THINK I’m makin’ this shit up??? Listen to what I found while I was, er…um….I guess SNOOPING is the proper usage of the word….in his save as draft posts. This is golden:

this is an audio post - click to play

You want poetry????


I was BORN to read poetry. Check it:

this is an audio post - click to play

Mmmm hmmmm. Don’t be jealous of my poetry skillz EITHER!

I thought I would put a few pics up here also. Damian is SO boring….all taking pictures of himself and shit. I thought I would give you Three Things More Interesting Than DD.

First up:

Yep….that’s fake grass. Wow. Amazing.


Hairy tomatoes from my fridge. Eat up!!

…and finally, I give you this:
I don’t know WHAT happened to my fourth toe…I swear, it’s not broken. Just kinda humpback whale or whatever. PINK!

This is so much fun!!!

Oh…and more art skillz. Check out this Tang…with bullet holes. Thanks, hdw!!! What a GREAT idea!!!! Whooot Whooot!!!

Ok…I have a few kinks to work out, I know this. For some reason, the audio blogs are totally fucking up. Fuck. I will figure this shit out later. Trust.

So, feel free to take a look around…..see if you notice the slight changes I’ve made. I just wanted to brighten this bitch up a tad.

Give me a few days….I’ll get the hang of this.

Double D? What’s that? Your password ain’t workin’? Hmmmm….why don’t you try suckmya55h0le…maybe that one will work.

Piece…of ASS!!!!!