As I walked into the break room yesterday to partake in a free lunch (I’m not even on the team that hosted the lunch, but I ate anyway, ’cause that’s how I roll), I walked in on this little conversational nugget between a coworker originally from India and a coworker originally from Alabama:

Bama: “…so, what if a lion eats a lamb? I mean, obviously a lion can’t be vegetarian. Would that be considered a sin in your religion?”
India: “Uh, well, I’ve never really thought about it, but I suppose it would be considered a sin.”
Bama: “That ain’t right. The lion can’t help what he eats. And now he’s sinnin’ every time he chows down.”
India (a little flustered): “Um, most likely, he wouldn’t even be allowed in my religion in the first place, being a meat eater. I guess.”
Bama: “Poor lion. First he’s going to hell, and second he won’t even get the chance to redeem himself.”
India (a little more flustered): “You know, I’m not sure…”
Me (chiming in): “Maybe the lion is Catholic. He didn’t eat the lamb on a Friday, did he?”
Bama: “Nah, I think it was a Tuesday.”
Me: “No problem, then. If he’s Catholic, he can eat lamb all the live long day and listen to 80s hair bands. Is it a white lion?”
India (completely confused): “Huh?”
Bama: “Damian, quit messing with India.”
Me: “You first!”
India: “You both can kiss my ass.”

It’s always entertaining here.