…but it ain’t this one, ’cause I’m sick and too busy with work to write it up. Suffice it to say that people in the state of Texas will fry anything and eat it.

In lieu of that post (which will be hilarious, when I write it), I give you this warmed-over, get-you-by bullshit to last you until El Diatribe tomorrow. Don’t bitch. I cared enough to try to entertain.

Yes. I did this one twice, just to see if you were paying attention. Some of you passed, some of you were like me in my Ceramic Engineering – Materials Science class in my sophomore year at Clemson. Let’s just say that the professor told me not to even bother taking the final, ’cause I had no chance of passing the class, regardless of my grade. I took it anyway, thinking that maybe if I got a B, he’d pass me with a D or whatever.

I got a 42 on the final.

It was open book and open note.

That English major was suuuuuuure looking good after that.

Anyway, I’m sick, and I’m tired, and I’m gonna go rest. I’ll throw up a diatribe tomorrow. Or I’ll just throw up.

Either way.