Here’s a film loop put together by a fan of the band. This is a LOT easier than posting 40 odd pictures for your enjoyment. I gotta say, the coolest part of the show was also the hottest – the fire breathers. We also had an on-stage costume contest, some prize giveaways, and all sorts of fun shit. We had an absolute blast, and the show was terrific.

Out next show is November 17 at Curtain Club. If you live in Dallas and you’re not there, live weasels will infest your closet and wear all your leather and cashmere sweaters out in public. They will then run up your credit cards on Blockbuster rentals (never returned) and call your friends from your cell phone and tell them vicious lies about you. Oh, and one very true thing that you do NOT want in circulation. So see, it’s in your best interest to be there.