I laughed when I saw this from HDW. She rocks. Voting the Insane Clown Posse number one was utterly brilliant, and a move I wholeheartedly support.

Also, I’m sure you all noticed the Amazon Wish List button over to the right, in the sidebar. Buy me birday (or “berfday”, depending on your background) gifts for all the things I give you, like laughter and fights with Laurie and dumb people on the Diatribe. 7 days. There’s some affordable shit there. Click…that…button. CLICK IT! Love me long time.

Tomorrow I’ll show you pics from the ghetto Christmas parade we went to yesterday. How do you spell “nutcracker” in the Plano Christmas Parade?


I only wish I was kidding.

I’m gonna take this quiz, simply because it’s funny.

Take this simple multiple-choice quiz and save yourself some embarrassment!

1 How long is your drummer’s solo?
a) He doesn’t get one.
b) A couple minutes is all, and it’s very funky.
c) Which of our drummers are you talking about?

They forgot d) He’s too busy smoking a bowl to solo.

2 What is the secret of your success?
a) Inspiration.
b) Perspiration.
c) Butchering old soul classics in a manner beloved by middle-aged housewives and the mentally unwell.

They forgot d) My friend’s dad owns the bar we play at every night of every weekend, plus we play power pop. We’re weak.

3 How many times has your band’s lineup changed?
a) Never happened, dude. If anyone left, it just wouldn’t be the same.
b) A few. It’s so hard to find a good accordionist.
c) 1,179.

They forgot d) We just use a pre-recorded guitar track, and a cardboard cutout of a guy shredding his ass off. We try not to knock it down during gigs.

4 The name of your band is…
a) A favorite phrase from a William S. Burroughs novel.
b) An action verb, followed by an even number.
c) Indistinguishable from that of an accounting firm.

They forgot d) The result of Jagermeister, someone’s middle name, and a hard sneeze.

5 What is your favorite subject matter for lyrics?
a) The pain of loving.
b) The joy of drinking.
c) Dragons. Or dungeons. But mostly dragons.

They forgot d) The proper way to administer The Shocker.

Mostly a): Congratulations! You’re in a good band.
Mostly b): Commiserations! You’re in a not-very-good band.
Mostly c): What’s that sucking sound? Oh, it’s you.
Mostly d): You’re in 98.5% of the bands out there! Yay conformity!