Merry post Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a safe, gift-filled day with family, friends, or strangers you met at the bus depot. Because I’m in a charitable and giving mood (if you don’t believe me, ask my kids. 7YO today said “Wow Dad, if parents had to buy all these things instead of Santa bringing them, it would cost a LOT of money, wouldn’t it?” Right then and there I was SO tempted to pop his hopeful boyish bubble, but instead I gritted my teeth and said “Yes. Yes it WOULD cost a lot. If parents had to buy it all.”

Hey, life’ll come at him hard enough on its own. It doesn’t need me behind it, pushing it like a soapbox derby car. Let him stay young and believe.

You, however, are jaded. As such, you will thoroughly enjoy these pics I found on culled from the internet.

“Feeeeeel the power…the power of the dark si – oops, wrong audience. Ave Maria.”
Seriously, Pope Benedict looks like The Emperor from “Star Wars”. If you reverse the letters C and A in “sacred”, you get “scared”. And you all know what C and A stand for. California. Coincidence? Hardly.

Little did they realize that Jiong Lu secretly replaced some of the wine in the wine pool with his own urine. Will they be able to tell the difference? And after 5 glasses, will they even care? Stay tuned.

“Well, I mean I TRIED to get him out, officer, but the little hook thingy just wouldn’t grab him, and then our pizza came, so…”

Sour Cream Dreams, the new luxury cruise for overweight people, got off to a rocky start in September when one of the passengers spotted life preservers off the port side of the ship and yelled “Doughnuts!!!”

“Squirrel, please. I barely tapped your ass. Get up and quit acting like a little bitch.”

Somewhere in L.A., Snoop Dogg’s refined Smokey Sense is telling him that he needs to get to Mexico City, and with the quickness.

Overflight, the new luxury airline for overweight people, got off to a rocky start in September when…oh wait, I already made this joke once. They all went to the back this time.

“Uh…HI! Ho Ho Ho! Yeah! Merry Christmas, officer! So, y’know, I was just gettin’ an early start on Christmas this year, testing out the chimneys and all, seeing which ones need cleanin’ and whatnot, and…oh fuck this, get me the hell OUTTA here, man!”