Yeah, I know I missed the Diatribe on Wednesday.

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted.

Yeah, I know I haven’t commented on your blogs lately.

Yeah, I’ve been a slacker.

But I give you this.

[Removed, because I love you.]

Thanks, Fyrchk. Now it’s in MY head. So why not share it with the world? Now y’all can have it in YOUR brain, too!

Oh yeah, HUGE New Year’s Eve show for Nonetheless. Check it:

Oh yes. We’re doing the whole thing OURSELVES. The sponsors, the food, the prizes for the raffles, the booking, the party favors, the decorations…all us. Last year, we played at The Adam’s Mark Hotel, which was supposed to be a really big show with 5000 people there. Only…they made us play first. Before they had even opened the doors. It was fucked up. We were 3 songs in before the first patrons strolled through, and they had no idea who we even were. It sucked. There were a bunch of bands there, and most of the folks we talked with later on echoed our sentiments about the entire event. One guy jumped off the stage (at a height of 2 feet) into the crowd, and broke his ankle on his landing, which the judges scored as a 6.5. So this year, we took matters into our own hands. We’re giving away all KINDS of things, and we’re even having a wet t-shirt contest! If you’re anywhere near This show ought to be fantastic. Seriously. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a happy, safe, and fun New Year’s Eve, folks! Mad love to you all!