I need your honest opinion.

I’m digging making these comic strips. It’s fun and easy, and I love the challenge of trying to be funny in three panels (as opposed to the War and Peace type dialog I usually use for comedic purposes). If you like them too, let me know, and I’ll either make them a regular feature, or break them off into their own blog. Be honest. If it’s not funny, tell me – I can take it. I just wanna know if it’s something I should continue sharing with the class (’cause I’ll keep making them, if only for my own amusement).

The strip is called Squirrel, Please. It stars Malcolm the ghetto squirrel and his gang of misfits.

I wanna know
What you’re thinking.
There are some things you can’t hide.
I wanna know
What you’re feeling.
Tell me what’s on you mind.

(God bless you, Information Society.)