This will most likely be one of my last posts on Blogger, because when I logged in today, it FORCED me to convert my blog to the new version, something I didn’t want to do. So you know what? I’m out. I’m moving Almost Infamous over to WordPress, where I already have my newest creation, Squirrel, Please. I’ll probably be out of commission for a while, because there’s no easy way to move a new Blogger account over – it’ll have to be done manually. And it’ll likely mean I’ll lose all my comments, which sucks mucho assholio, but what can I do? I was fine being on old Blogger, but when they forced me to change, that was that. It’s gonna require a completely retooled template and sidebar, and it just THRILLS ME to have to do all that over again.

Can you feel the level of my pisstivity? Mad thanks to Robin Harris for coming up with that word. I’m at DEFCON 4 right now over this shit.

So stay tuned. I’ll post my new blog address here once its up and running.

For those of you who liked the comic strips, Squirrel, Please is where you can find the latest ones.

Y’all take care, and I’ll holla atcha on the flip-flop.