Oh. Hells. Yes.

God, how I’ve missed this.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve needed the break. Like I said before, I’ve had a LOT of things going on, and the blog simply had to get back-burnered so that I could deal with:

  • The lead singer from my band being in jail for a while. Yep. It’s a long story, and I’m not going to get all up into it right now, but he had a charge sitting on him for a while now, and needed to get it cleared up. And by “cleared up” I mean “re-enact every scene from ‘Oz’, minus the anal rape”. It involved cancelling a gig or two, and other things, and it was a mess. But he’s out, and it’s all good now.
  • My job has lovingly provided me with more responsibilities, just because they care. These responsibilities, sadly, do not involve sexy lingerie models, bacon, or alcohol (although, last week, we DID go to Dave & Busters, where I consumed beverages and played shuffleboard with my boss. And lost. Shuffleboard sucks). No, the responsibilities mostly involve the completely foreign concept of “more work” and “projects” and other nonsensical bullshit. I’ve now become the Coordinator of This and the Project Lead of That, and while I appreciate the Boost Mobile effect it has on the ol’ curriculum vitae (or résumé, if you haven’t heard that term before), it HAS put a bit of a crunch on my blog availability, also known as my “blogability” during working hours.
  • Blogger can kiss my natural black ass. I was going to move this bad boy over to WordPress anyway, because I like some of the features better. But when I made my first attempt, it wouldn’t allow me to pull my posts in, which chapped my ass more than you can imagine. So I began meticulously moving my blog, post by laborious post, fixing the style issues and assigning categories to everything. And lo and behold, I got about halfway through before I began asking myself why the hell I even blog in the first place, if this is the kind of shit I can expect. But WordPress came through – they finally allowed me to pull my posts in! But then I had to go back through, and unfix what I had fixed, and re-fix what I had unfixed, and listen to The Fixx a couple of times before I could consider THIS blog ready for public consumption.
  • Life, in general, is a big-ass roller coaster that is constantly shrouded in fog. I hate roller coasters. And fog. So there.

Now, I’m back, and I’m ready to write, and I’m ready to get back to doing the things I do best, like talking shit and diatribing and living my crazy life and talking about it to you. And…no more Haloscan! I didn’t like that shit anyway – it completely overwrote all my previous comments. So fuck that noise.

Feel free to take a spin around the place. I’ve thoughtfully divided my posts into categories, ribbed for your pleasure, and I’ve even added a page where you can see my Damianitions. And don’t forget about Squirrel, Please, the newest addition to the Almost Infamous family. That shit makes me laugh till I cough, emphysema-style.

I’ve missed you all. But I’m back now, and I ain’t going nowhere.

I hope you’ve missed me, too.