As you all know, I’m in a band. I absolutely LOVE playing music, especially on stage, watching the crowd respond to what we’re giving them. There’s nothing better than playing live.

However, 180 degrees away is the antithesis of live performance: recording. In case the title of the post confused you, allow me to make it clear:





It’s the most unnatural way to play any music. It’s highly repetitive, labor-intensive, arduous, exhausting, mind-numbing, aggravating, and completely necessary to further your art. Beginning tonight, we’ll go into the studio to record 4 songs for the album we’ll be coming out with in the late spring/early summer. Here’s what it’s like to record, for those of you not fortunate enough to experience it.

  1. Arrive at studio
  2. Unload equipment
  3. Set up equipment
  4. Go back to rehearsal space to get equipment you forgot
  5. Go back to studio
  6. Go to CVS to get new batteries for equipment
  7. Go back to studio
  8. Get all set up
  9. Re-arrange setup
  10. Re-arrange setup again
  11. Power up equipment
  12. Try to figure out why equipment isn’t working
  13. Put new batteries into equipment
  14. Tune up
  15. Tune up again
  16. Take a break
  17. Tune up again
  18. Wait for engineer
  19. Wait for engineer
  20. Wait for engineer
  21. Take a break
  22. Tune up
  23. Start song
  24. Stop song 5 seconds later
  25. Restart song
  26. Stop song halfway through
  27. Restart song
  28. Stop song one third of the way through
  29. Laugh
  30. Restart song
  31. Stop song halfway through
  32. Don’t laugh
  33. Restart song about 8 times
  34. Finally get to the end of that song with no mistakes
  35. Take a break
  36. Wait while individual instruments record their parts
  37. Wait
  38. Wait
  39. Wait
  40. Fall asleep
  41. Wake up to record just your part
  42. Start song
  43. Have brain fart, forget how the song YOU WROTE goes
  44. Restart song
  45. Get 90% done with song and fumble over the ending notes
  46. Restart song
  47. Totally screw up beginning
  48. Get very, very angry
  49. Calm down
  50. Restart song
  51. Complete song
  52. Listen to engineer tell you “just one more take, I know you can do it better”
  53. Resist urge to beat engineer about the head and face with very expensive bass guitar
  54. Restart song
  55. Play song perfectly due to extreme focus brought on by extreme anger
  56. Listen to mix
  57. Dislike the mix
  58. Re-record a part
  59. Look at the clock and realize it’s 11pm and you’ve only got one song ready
  60. Record vocals
  61. Re-record vocals
  62. Re-record vocals
  63. Finish song at 3am
  64. Call it a night, agree to meet at 7pm to start all over again

Wish us luck.