Sorry for all the delays, my people. Being sick is no excuse, but being sick and having deadlines at work is an EXCELLENT excuse, so that’s what I’m running with. And even though I’m slacking over here, I’m still putting out strips on Squirrel, Please, so go there for updates. And leave a brotha a comment. Anyway, this is a post I’ve had on ice for a rainy day, and there’s umbrellas all over this bitch right now. I’m gonna TRY to diatribe for you. I promise. But between work and planning up our first out-of-town gig, I can’t make you any promises.




I’m always amused by some of the keywords people use to find me. Here are some recent ones:

ron jeremy porn star 5

OK. I mentioned him in a post, so no surprise there. Plus he’s a cultural icon.

Ron Jeremy 2

Again with the RJ. No problem.

big penis 1

No big shock that they’d end up at MY blog for this search. Word.

porn star penis 1

Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, although I — oh, must be for Ron. Again.

Ron Jeremy’s Penis 1

That just confirms it. OK, we get it. He’s hung. Next.

how to come like a porn star 1

Comedian Robert Schimmel has a funny bit about this, how guys all think they’re anti-aircraft fire when they climax, but it’s more like a leaky faucet in reality. I may have done this search mydamnself.

girls that want to fuck in laurens,sc to 1

Ew. Ew. Ew. Having seen the women in Laurens, whoever searched this would be better off changing that to Greenville, SC and getting a better car to drive. Ew.

ernesto reyes Triborough Bridge 1

Ah yes, from one of my diatribes, about the fools without money to go through a toll bridge. Maybe the searcher is a relative.

pope benedict darth sidious 1

Someone’s late to the party. I made that joke AGES ago. Keep up, people.

human big penis 1

The fact that he (and you know it was a ‘he’) had to qualify his search with the word “human” is very, very disturbing.