Oh sweet baby Jesus, what hath God wrought?

After countless sparring matches, insults, threats, blackmail attempts, psychotic episodes, existential moments, and outright lies, Laurie and I decided to make the leap from written to verbal. That’s right. We are on the radio.

Sort of.

We (meaning her) started an internet radio show! It’s called Badger The Witness, and it debuted today. And I didn’t tell you. Don’t get mad, there was a reason: I wanted to make sure we were good. And we were.

It was so much fun! Even though we had initial technical difficulties, including neither of us knowing exactly how to operate the website, not knowing how to answer calls (including calls from the co-host trying to actually get on the air), and basically just dropping the ball a few times, we felt that our first 30 minutes were a success, especially considering neither of us has done this before. So good, in fact, that we did it again.

When we were having our post-show wrap-up call, Laurie noticed that the site we use was alerting us that our show was due to start in 15 minutes, even though we’d just FINISHED it. We checked the archives, and sure enough, those 30 minutes of hard work basically got flushed down the toilet. No show. So we did 30 MORE minutes, building off what we had going at the end of Segment 1A. That segment may have been even funnier than the first, since we got rid of all our nervousness and jitters and technical issues that Laurie caused. It was fun. And the best part is that if you missed it live, don’t even sweat that noise, gente. We got you covered. The sessions were both recorded, and the site somehow combined them into one mega recording that lasts an hour, meaning you get even more show than you bargained for.  Wanna hear the masterpiece that is Damian and Laurie arguing, fighting, and disagreeing?

You know you do.

Give us some feedback.

Next Sunday, live at 6pm Central. Be there.