Just a brief-ass note about tomorrow’s Badger the Witness: we’ll be on the air one hour later than usual, on account of someone (not naming names or nothin’) not scheduling the show in time, and having to take the next available slot. But it’s OK, I forgive her. Or him. Not naming names, of course. Anyway, we’ll be rocking the spizz-ot (that’s gangsta slang for “spot”, whitebreads) at 7pm central time tomorrow, rather than the traditional 6pm slot we’ve grown to love. No matter – we’ll be on point no matter when we go live, baby. You know this. We’ll be interviewing the lovely Saintseester tomorrow, so wish us well. Usually when we talk to someone on the phone, it degenerates into us yelling at each other, but hopefully the focus will remain on our interviewee. Just listen, OK? OK. I say OK a lot. I need to expand my vocab.

We took some sweet band pics on Tuesday night, but I don’t have all of ’em yet to show you. Figures. But I CAN show you this:

YEAH, MAN! We look hard as hell. The new banner we bought is obnoxiously huge, and looks so very nice. And check out my shirt. The irony isn’t lost on me. Our CD release is on June 23, and anyone even REMOTELY near Dallas better be there. Details will be forthcoming, and it’s a free show. Free. As in no cover charge. As in the band will not be paid. We’re doing this for you, the people. We’d love it if you maybe bought a CD while you’re there, though. It’s the least you could do.

Actually, the LEAST you could do is not show up at all, but then you’ll have to pay for a footinassectomy, ’cause insurance doesn’t cover that noise.

Anyway, I have a nap with my name all over it, and I hate to disappoint. Check out the show tomorrow, and call in if you like. The number is (646) 478-4623.