That’s right fans, tomorrow on Badger the Witness, Elle and Damian fight and call each other names!

Kidding. We do that every show. We even do it off the air. That ain’t nothing new.

No, tomorrow we’ll be talking to the gifted and talented Dirk Mancuso of
Too Disgusting to Contemplate, Too Compelling to Ignore , and you KNOW that’s gonna be a party. Listen in as Dirk talks about…whatever we come up to ask him. Y’all know how disorganized that pirate is we are sometimes. We’ll also be taking callers, so suck on a Halls, clear your throat of phlegm, and dial those digits. It’s long distance, so…there’s that. Sorry.

Tune in tomorrow at 6pm Central, 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific and Arizona, and 3 Mountain. And 6am in Singapore. And midnight in England.