This is a lazy post.

Look at this shit here:

June 12. Mark that date. 101 in the Hellified Cherokee of Heat-Blasted Intermittent Air Conditioning, As Long As That “Condition” Is “Hot As Balls”. Fuck this truck. I’m serious. Give me a Daiwoo with air conditioning ANY day over this hair dryer with four wheel drive.

LOOK OUT! GUN! GUUUUUUUN! Damn I got the thick python arms. And yes, I’m still shaving my armpits, ’cause damn if that shit don’t feel good, I ain’t gonna lie. It’s nice. NICE.

Look at Jmart, manhandling my lady. I mean damn, I’ll share her. But treat her NICE, dawg! Be easy with her. I’m standing RIGHT HERE, MAN! Here, give her back to me.

4YO, chillin’ HARD in some of Dad’s sunglasses. He’s so damn cute. Say, he’s not the ONLY one who can chill hard in those shades…

Hells. Yes. Now, people who know me know that I rarely give myself props on my looks. I’m just not wired to think I look good, but in THIS pic? I look good as hell. I OWN this look. And this jacket? Goodwill. $10. Holla. I roll with the thriftness.

Alright, I keep trying to add more pictures to this “post” (or this product of abject laziness), but every time I do, Firefox takes a shit, so I’m just gonna wrap it on up. It’s my prerogative.


Edit: 050607_10571.jpg

Ahhhhh, FINALLY! Here’s 7YO and 4YO, chillin’ at the zoo. If you think they look kinda evil, it’s because they are. Trust me.

And I’m spent.