Nonetheless-Despite The Stereotype

Local rockers just dropped a bomb- in the form of a CD- on the DFW music scene. Despite The Stereotype is a perfect name for a disc that breaks them all. Although vocalist Jmart does his share of screaming, this recording is anything but metal. The song writing is some of the best hard/classic rock we’ve seen here in a while, moving seamlessly from contemporary balladry to rowdy sludge to head banging riffdom. Rowdy (drums), Bean (bass) and guitarists Gordie and TriP push the envelope of innovation and keep Jmart floating from soft singing to modern rock emoting to enraged screams- all fitting perfectly with lightly plucked strings and/or pounding drums. Check the dueling guitars on “Walking Time Bomb”, the string work and changes on “Beautiful Sight” or vocal/riff volley on highlight “Burden Of Gravity”. The recording quality is excellent, done mainly at Hot Trax Studios in Garland and nothing here is overmastered or overdone. Any rock music fan will find two or three favorites on here, and that is pretty rare. Find out more at (MB)
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This…is so incredible cool. It really is. I’ve known since last night and I’m STILL buzzing over it!