My sister’s not a bad kid. She has a big mouth and a kind heart, and those two things get her into trouble from time to time, but she’s really in the hot grease now.

She worked for a shady cell phone reseller in the summer between college semesters. She knew it was just a McJob for her, and her employer knew that too. But for whatever reason, she chose to butt heads with him, and he chose to butt right back. Knowing her, she wasn’t silent about the fact that her stay there was temporary, at best. And he would do things like call her at 8am and tell her to go work in the store 80 miles away, and that she needed to be there by 9am to open up. It was a hate-hate relationship. Apparently he got along poorly with everyone outside of his inner circle, which consisted of the owner and the hot little blondes who think that Dick Cheney is a sexual position. My sister put up with his antics, thinking that she only had a short time to deal with it before she returned to school in Alabama.

Back in May, a customer came in, needing 2 separate phone lines, but she only had part of the money she needed. She gave my sister a sad story about coming out of an abusive relationship, and needing the phones to stay in touch with her kids. My big-hearted sister allowed her to make a partial payment for both lines, and activated them both, with the agreement that the woman would return to the store and pay the balance. She even had the woman sign a promissory note with her, with penalties if the woman didn’t pay within a predetermined time. The very next day, the woman came in and paid the $100 balance on the two phone lines. Situation resolved. My sister promptly put the incident behind her.

Fast forward to last week. After her last day of working, her boss told her that she needed to come into the office to pick up her last check. She thought that was odd, given that she has direct deposit, but she agreed to come in. For insurance, she asked our mom to come with her, just in case something funky went down. When she got there, it was beyond funky.

Funky was absent that day.

As she went into the boss’ office, she was greeted by someone no one wants to see, in a situation like that — a police officer.  He arrested her on the spot for breach of trust, based on the incident in May. Now, she was never reprimanded, never told she did something wrong, never suspended or warned, never fired. She nothing at all was ever mentioned about her deal with the customer, and she didn’t do it for anyone else. Her boss sat there while she cried, handcuffs in place, and looked at her and my mom, who was just along for the ride. My mom told me she’s never seen such an absence of humanity in a person in her whole life, and my mom lived through segregation and integration, people. The one thing he said to my sister was “I’m going to look at everything, and if I find ANYTHING out of place, I’m blaming it on you.” The cop then took her to jail. Fortunately, she was released on her own recognizance, and her lawyer was pretty sure she’d get pre-trial intervention. Good deal.

Then came yesterday.

Police came to the house and arrested her again, out of the blue. When the dust cleared, she was charged with 25 ADDITIONAL counts of felony larceny, based on accusations made by her former boss. My sister is a lot of things, but she’s not a thief. This will likely fuck up her scholarship, and maybe even her entire life. I’m so fucking pissed about this, I don’t even know what to do. This man, her old boss, apparently has a history of shitting on people he doesn’t like, but why do this to a kid in college, who was LEAVING anyway? According to her lawyer, she was indeed technically guilty of the first charge, and he’s within his rights to have her arrested, but FUCK – why didn’t he FIRE her? If he really thought she stole, why make her work for 3 more months, and then have her arrested right before she’s slated to go back to school? If it was truly a breach of trust, why have her continue working with money and people’s accounts after the fact? She still doesn’t know exactly what she supposedly stole on this new charge. And those 25 counts won’t magically go away, either. I’m pretty sure PTI isn’t an option on that many felony charges.  Now my mom (and me and everyone else in the family, presumably) will have to pitch in to help pay for her defense. Pleading guilty or no contest isn’t an option – it’ll still be a felony conviction, which will totally screw her career aspirations. Our only hope is that this bullshit doesn’t make it past the grand jury.

Fuck. And she wants to be a lawyer. This is so fucked up.