Thanks to everyone for your support with the situation with my sister. We don’t know what’s gonna happen, but she’s doing OK. We’re lining up a lawyer who will hopefully get all this shit thrown out, and I suggested that she file a civil suit against the guy, the store, and the service provider (Suncom) as a method to get him to consider dropping the charges. We shall see.

On top of that, a friend from high school passed away last week. I hadn’t been in touch with him in years, but that didn’t lessen the impact of the news. He was sick, and as of yet we don’t know what from.

And if that didn’t make things bad enough, another friend of mine is going through a pretty difficult time right now. I want to wish that friend godspeed in getting through it all. Much love and support to you, friend.

I sure wish I had something funny or interesting to share with everyone, but unfortunately, these things tend to go in cycles, and this is definitely a down cycle. However, I’m going right now to pick up a free lawn mower. It’s always good to find the small good things in the midst of bad shit. And I’m pretty good at that.

No Badger the Witness today. Elle is at the lake, and we both figured that she wouldn’t have time to talk in between involuntarily drinking copious amounts of lake water and jetskijacking people. But we’ll be back next week.

Love you all…I’ll try to diatribe this week, I promise. I miss that shit too.