Happy Hallowgivingmas, everyone! I hope you all have good, clean, safe fun tonight. Or if not, I hope you have dirty, nasty, filthy fun tonight. Whichever fits your agenda better.

Well, the guy who was SUPPOSED to get pictures of the band in our costumes dropped the ball, due to a full memory card and bad batteries, so I don’t have the cornucopia of photographic evidence that I thought I would. However, I scoured Myspace last night, looking at the profiles of people who I knew were at the show, and I managed to find one pic of me. And because I love you all so much, I got dressed up today in the full gear and took another pic for you.

OK, I’m lying. I didn’t do it for you. We’re having a costume contest here at work, and you KNOW I want to win. Last year I was a part of a team that won 2nd place, which was lunch with the CEO, which kicked ass. I don’t even know what the prize is this year, and I don’t care. I want to win. But at any rate, you get the benefit of my competitive nature, so enjoy. And remember – I did this for you. Or for prizes. However you wanna reconcile that.


Me and Gordie, on stage Saturday night. Note the leather chaps and gloves. I think we were playing “Round and Round” by Ratt at this moment.


And this is me, today, at work. Bad ass, I know. I wore the purple sash off to the side today, which I should’ve done 3 nights ago, but whatever. People keep stopping by here, stunned, when they see me. I better win SOMETHING. I’ll keep you posted.


HAPPY MO FO EDIT: First place, BITCHES! I got first place! I’m so damn happy, I swear. And what did I win, you ask?

A ribbon.

But that’s hardly the point. It wasn’t about the prize – it was about WINNING. And I did. So therefore, I rock socks and frocks.