I’ve been writing in this ol’ blog of mine for quite at while now, and I’m continually overwhelmed by the response I get, by the loyal readership, by the general sense of pleasure people seem to get from reading this nonsense. I love expressing myself in this way. Now, I’m not naive. I understand that not everyone will fall down drooling, their love for me overflowing so much that they need a sponge and a squeegee to clean up the mess. Some people read it and say “Meh, not for me.” Some people dislike it entirely. That’s their right, and they’re welcome to it. So far, though, not too many people have actually stepped to me, voicing their displeasure at something I’ve said here, because most people realize that the things I say here are my opinion, nothing more. Most people dislike it, and move on to something else.

Most people.

As you probably know, I have a li’l feature called Damian’s Deconstructive Diatribe, where I take a news story and break it down, either comedically, or with an eye towards its inherent absurdity, or in outrage. I get the fact that these are real people, and that they most often didn’t ask for the notoriety they received. And to that, I say…

Too fucking bad.

I received a comment on one of my old diatribes today. I’ll add it here.

From Chelle:

Ummm, I was a former ex-girlfriend of Darzell Weinstein. I knew him in and out, and for you to just sit here and write about these people the way you are is just wrong! First of all, what they did was horrible don’t get me wrong, but to sit here and talk about them like you know the whole story is beyond belief. He had a lot of problems, they all did and i just don’t think its right for you to talk about it like some kind of joke…it wasn’t about a monopoly game first off. thats only what was happening at the time. although i didn’t read your whole little article i read enough of it to know how you are.

Thank you, Chelle. I appreciate your comment, and your opinion. Now, if I may offer a counterpoint:

Shut the fuck up.

I don’t make the stories up, and anything I say here in Damiana is my opinion, and I’m free to express it all I want. I never claimed to know all the facts of the story. I didn’t NEED all the facts to know that whatever went down, a young lady lost her life, and your boy Darzell was in some way culpable. I didn’t tell your boy Darzell to go all “Goodfellas” on that girl. I didn’t make the story public. Go sell self-righteousness somewhere else, ’cause that shit don’t fly here. I’m sorry that your Google search brought you to this house of ill repute, but since you’re so eager to jump up and defend him, I’m equally eager to hear your justification of what he did, given that “it wasn’t about a monopoly game first off”. Tell me, Chelle. What did this girl do that was so bad that 3 people needed to kill her? Explain it to me so that I can understand. Tell me how, after committing this heinous act, it’s understandable that they would stuff her broken body into a microwave box and leave her in an apartment. Please, I’m dreadfully curious. While you come into MY space and talk shit to ME for commenting on something that is public, maybe you should go up to the jail during visiting hours on Sunday and talk shit to Darzell so that when he finally gets out sometime after the year 2020, he won’t go all cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs on some other teenage runaway.

Show me, Chelle, how my words were so harmful to you or to anyone else involved in this. Did I call him names? Sure, I talked about HIS name, but quite frankly I would’ve done that regardless of whether he just won a spelling bee or if he allegedly killed an 18 year old girl. Did I say something untrue? Hmm, not that I can tell. I said he was crazy, and even if he’s not in a medical or criminal sense, he is in a social sense. Socially sane people don’t kill other people without extreme provocation, which this game of Monopoly doesn’t seem to fit. Hell, I wasn’t even that mean in that particular piece. I was more interested in making a clever joke around other board games than to bomb on your ex-boyfriend. And seriously? Maybe you should find a better way to define your relationship with him. What exactly is a “former ex-girlfriend”, anyway? You broke up with him, but now you’re together again? Thou shalt not use double negatives, young lady. Knowledge is power. All in all, I’m not sure I see where I caused any harm to your former ex-boyfriend (worked for you, so I figured I’d try it on for size) that he didn’t already cause himself, and that poor girl. And yes, I know he didn’t do it alone, but none of the other miscreants have had the audacity to send people to random blogs to complain about their treatment.

I’m sure by now you think I’m a total asshole for calling you out like this. And I really can’t argue with that. I admit freely that I’m getting an immense amount of personal pleasure in making an example out of you. You have to learn this life lesson: if you come to someone else’s yard, you play by their rules. I wouldn’t go to your singlewide trailer and complain about the cracked linoleum not matching the faux wood paneling in the living room/den/kitchenette, so don’t come to MY blog and start talking shit about things I’m discussing, especially when the person whose honor you’re defending has no fucking honor to defend. This ridiculous bout of teenage-level angst and anger toward me does nothing except show your own level of immaturity. Most people would’ve simply read my posting, disagreed with me, and moved on to something more palatable. Most people would’ve been too embarrassed by their former ex-boyfriend’s actions to try to step to someone who was simply discussing the story on their own blog. Most people would’ve written this sociopath off and tried to build a life with better people in it.

Most people.

But not you.