Bacon. Mmmm.

Welcome to the 2nd official installment of the Bacon Report. My love of bacon and bacon-related products is as infamous as my ability to anger people with my diatribe words of insensitivity, so why shouldn’t I dedicate some time and space here to show some love to the best food invented by God and perfected by Hormel? I hope you share my love of the Strips of Great Joy and Crunchiness.

So far, my bacon love hasn’t extended beyond deciding between thin or thick-sliced baconage (new word, Copyright © 2008 by Dark Damian, Bakdafukup), but I understand that other people express their love in various and sundry ways, some of which are cool as hell, and some of which make me want to suggest aggressive therapy and a vegan diet. It takes all kinds, just like Britney Spears.

So without further ado, I present to you…the Bacon Weave. No, not for your hair (although, bacon hair would instantly have me following you around like Micheal Jackson did to that girl in the “The Way You Make Me Feel” video. Yeah. I went old-school for that reference.), but for your meal or latticework or whatever. Whoever did this is an evil genius, and I need to get an internship or some sort of work study with him, because this is just incredible. I would’ve never thought to do this, and yet now I can’t wait to try it. Will I waste an entire pound of bacon, just to pull off something as neat as this?


I’ll waste two pounds. Believe it.

I totally forgot who sent this to me, but I’m sure whoever it is will be quick as hell to let me know, so they can get proper credit. And feel free to send me interesting bacon-related stuff, because I’m just dumb enough to post about it.


The Bacon Weave