I at a loss for words.

I know I SHOULD be blogging about something – baseball, work, the band (we lost our new lead singer), a diatribe…something.

But I got nothin’, folks. I’m drawing a blank.

For some reason, I’m in a slump. I have zero impetus to write about anything. In fact, this very post is my attempt to maybe jump-start my writing juices so that I can get back into the groove. So far, though, there are no juices and no groove. There’s just me, telling you, that I have nothing to say.

I suck.

I’ll be playing in a coaches’ softball game on Saturday. Maybe something interesting will happen that I’ll feel like writing about. And I could always talk about the team (we’re 0-13-2, people. That’s NO wins, TEN losses, and TWO sister-kissers. We’ve lost in ways that are astounding and negatively miraculous. It’s a sight to behold. Shoot me.)

We’re going back to South Carolina in June, so I’m sure that’ll generate some interest in me, but that’s not until the end of June, and that’s a long-ass time to be sitting around waiting for my muse to slap me in the back of the head and make pretty words flow from my fingers.

It’s been 2 years officially since I left the Chinese company. That’s worth some words, right? Maybe I’ll link some of those tales.

I could write about my growing obsession with “Naruto“, which is bordering on disturbing. People, I know more about the show than my kids do. I research this shit. I DVR the show, read the manga (that’s Japanese for ‘comic books’), and learn all the jutsus (ninja skills/techniques/sorcery) of the characters. It’s scary for a 36 year-old man to be this into anime and yet still be semi-somewhat attractive to the opposite sex. Oh, for the love of Kakashi-sensei. I’m pitiful.

I’m just…empty. I’ll get back on track in short time, I’m sure. Bear with me. In the meantime, stay busy by reading some of this stuff. I do it…because I love you. Just chew on these until my words return to me.


The Chinese Company Stories
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