On the way to the gym this morning, 9YO and 6YO got into a conversation about wealth. After a bit of discussion, I got called in to consult on the topic.

9YO: “Hey Dad, what if you were, like, king of the world? And Mommy was the queen and we were princes?”

Me:  “You wanna be a princess?”

9YO: “You know what I mean. We would be like super rich and live in a big mansion!”

Me: “If we were the world monarchs, we’d live in a castle.”

9YO: “YEAH! A big castle. Or a big castle for you and Mommy, and a mansion for me and 6YO. A big mansion, with butlers!”

6YO (confused): “What’s a butler? A person who likes butts?”

We nearly hurt ourselves laughing, including 6YO. Unintentional comedy is often the best kind.