8:41 pm

Just got home from 5YO’s soccer game, which seriously impeded me from feverishly watching the election results as they happen. I’m annoyed, but the show’s just starting. I’m watching NBC, and Tavist Smiley is talking about the next president driving a hybrid car. What the happy hell is he talking about? As if the president drives ANY car, anytime, ever.

Electoral Vote Projection: Obama – 200, McCain – 93

8:56 pm

They just projected Texas will go to John McCain. WHAT A SHOCK! Next they’ll project that water is wet and that Wesley Snipes is a black-as-night mofo. And really – I still can’t figure out how they project a state with only a tiny percentage reporting in. Isn’t this pretty much what happened in Florida in 2004? Or with Truman and Dewey in 19…um… like, 19….something? Long-ass time ago? They need to stop. Also, why doesn’t every voting precinct use the same voting tools? Some use touchscreens, some do paper ballots, some have some weird twist dial thing that looks like a rotary phone…pick one! Hell, let it be smoke signals, but anything that would make the counting easier is a good thing.

Electoral Vote Projection: Obama – 206, McCain – 89

9:50 pm

This is bad to say, but I just don’t care about the local and state races. I don’t. Hurray for you, Lupe Valdez! Awesome, John Cornyn! Put your results down at the bottom of the screen, just like ESPN scores, and let me monitor the Big Race. I know I could turn to CNN and skip most of that, but it’s not the point.

Electoral Vote Projection: Obama – 207, McCain – 135

10:25 pm

Holy shit. He won.

He won.

The west coast numbers are coming in, and they’re projecting them to go to Obama, and NBC and CNN are already calling the race. NBC has Obama at 333 votes, and McCain at 146 (306 to 155 from CNN), while losing Ohio and Pennsylvania, states he absolutely had to win. McCain is now conceding. This thing was over fast, people, and I’m at a loss for words. This is truly historic. McCain’s making a nice speech, urging his supporters to get behind Obama and to not let their disappointment get in the way of looking ahead. If this John McCain had been the one running all along, I think he would’ve stood a better chance. I liked McCain – a lot – before this race got down to the nitty gritty. The things he had to do in order to secure the Republican base took him further and further away from the independent that I grew to admire in years past, and in the end, it hurt him. Governor Palin’s selection as a running mate was a miscalculation, but the requirements of appeasing the far right conservatives in the party unraveled him.

The thing to watch is how McCain supporters choose to react to the Obama presidency in the long run. No doubt most will rally around him, because like it or not, he’s our president-elect, and it’ll be his boat we’ll ride in for the next 4 years. I sincerely hope that the more extreme supporters choose the legal and Constitutionally-protected means of voicing dissent and dissatisfaction, and avoid making a more devastating statement. I don’t think that’ll happen, and I would say the same if McCain had won, given the sheer number of people who decided to get involved in the political process. With so many emotions involved with this election, it’s not hard to imagine hurt feelings on either side, based on the winner. I hope we can all stand together.

11:00 pm

Obama is making his speech. It reminds me of why and how he got where he is. His eloquence has been his best weapon in this race. Wait – did I just see Jesse Jackson crying? Wasn’t he talking smack about Obama not to very long ago? He should be made to stand in the back.

11:34 pm

I’m still just floored by it all. His speech was incredible – very inspiring, and rousing. We’re in a new era, folks. Let’s work together to make sure it’s a good era. Oh, and someone please stop Palin from running in 2012. That just can’t happen. Someone needs to find the nude photos that you KNOW exist, ’cause she wasn’t always planning to become a potential vice president.

The mayor of Newark, NJ was just on, and he said something really important: this isn’t a victory for African-Americans, it’s a victory for Americans. Not because he’s a man of color, but because he’s a man of character. I’m excited to see what the next 4 years will bring.

Yes, we can.